How does MedicStats work?

When you order the MedicStats Info System, you are then directed to complete the MedicStats Medical Info Form. The information you choose to provide is then saved, and transferred to your very own secure, personal mobile website, created by the MedicStats team. Your website is then linked to an individual QR, or Quick Response code, which is placed on a MedicStats Info Card, and 2 MedicStats tags.

Utilizing the cutting edge technology of the QR Code, the MedicStats card or tag can be scanned with any smart phone, or medical scanner, and all your current medical statistics can be viewed in seconds! Including life saving information such as allergies, medications, recent surgeries, and relevant medical conditions.

The MedicStats Info System is also unique, in that, it can be updated by you, or your health provider at any time..with no additional charge. Just scan your card, enter your MedicStats Customer Number and PIN, and you can change or add any information needed. You can also transfer information to your health provider, with one click of a button!

To obtain a QR reader app for your phone click here